20 MIN BOOTY WORKOUT // No Equipment | Pamela Reif

If You look for intense training for Your booty You can try this 20 minutes training. Thanks of them You gain booty what You dream. These exercises are: Squat w/ core twist, Jump squat w/ pulse, Squat walk right/ left, Squat hold, Plank to jump squat, Straight leg kickback right, Donkey kick pulses right, Plank w/ kickback right, Leg circles right, Leg hold right, Straight leg kickback left, Donkey kick pulses left, Plank w/ kickback left, Leg circles left, Leg hold left, Plank to jump squat, Wide side squat right, Wide side squat left, Squat walk left- right, Squat hold abduktor. Now You do break. Next You do: Pulse lunges right and left, Wide squat right- left, Squat- jump squat, 1 leg glute bridge right, 1 leg hold right, 1 leg glute bridge left, 1 leg hold left, Glute bridge, Plank to jump squat, Glute flutter kicks, Glute leg lifts, Glute hold, Jump squat, Straight leg pulses right, Leg hold right, Straight leg pulses left, Leg hold left, Jump squat, Squat hold.


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